You’ve seen her with a tinge of envy. Her pursuit is pure, even if her methods are mad. Sublime today, slovenly tomorrow. Arriving at an extravagant palazzo on a solo trip, sleeping on the floors of a private club on another. She can sense the zeitgeist, but it could never frame her confounding symmetry.

Unafraid of power and liberated by the startling lengths to which she’ll go to find her inner muse, she is the wild in bewildering. Rumour has it she's you.

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She embraces the woman she is. Her free spirit has travelled all the way back to the forgotten times of the Art Nouveau period. Like the performance artists of the era, the collection flows free. It has a million voices, all its own. It teases out secrets from its soul, secrets it never even knew. It sways to itself, and revives heady colours and an unashamed opulence. Unencumbered by convention and casting no shadow, the collection, like the performances, is an ephemeral art accentuated by sensuous forms swirling in a hurricane of drapery.

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