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Behind The World Of Rouge

A bejewelled romantic verse to the Baroque period, whose delicate patterns and motifs continue to spur creativity and evoke passionate ecstasy

Zoya travels to an era that was drawn by the fervour of Baroque artistry, through creations that are inspired by the crests of ballrooms from France, the sinuous arches of cathedrals from Italy, and the enticing Acanthus vines from Pezzo.

Over the ages, in the realms of art, architecture, jewellery and more, the enthralling beauty of Baroque Art has been truly unassailable and continues to inspire creativity.
Reflecting vulnerability, power, poise and passion, this art from the Renaissance era has inspired Zoya’s design aesthetic for this collection.

Bold yet delicate motifs with lines gently flowing in yellow gold, Baroque Art perfectly complements a woman's inexplicit sensuality in many ways. From her vulnerability to finding her inner power, the journey of discovering her sensuality is as alluring as the art form.

With each choker, necklace, earrings and ring, Rouge showcases a subtle seduction in the image of the art that is truly unmatched and simply exquisite.

With Rouge, Zoya tells a story of timeless elegance, through fine jewellery designs that reflect Baroque artistry. Each piece from this collection, gleaming with radiant yellow gold, is etched with brilliant polki, scintillates with diamonds and gemstones that celebrate the woman who explores her inner sensuality through delicate contrasts.

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