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With its heart in India and an eye on the world, Zoya is renowned for its aesthetics and crafting, finding design inspiration for its stunning collections in myriad facets of the Zoya woman’s journey. It dives into the spirit of its muse, creating collections that resonate with the everlasting strength and vibrancy of the rainforests or the rejuvenating spirit of her girl tribe at a stepwell as a metaphor for the Zoya woman making every piece resonate with personal meaning, which are crafted to be wearable and celebrate her everyday. Zoya aims to authentically reconnect women with their deep feminine selves and revive their sense of self-expression. Every creation is imagined as a talisman that enables her to celebrate herself.

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The Zoya Woman

Crafted To Inspire

“Grounded in a tradition of craftsmanship that is over five thousand years old, the Indian spirit of finesse is palpably evident in the perfection that forms the cornerstone of each Zoya creation. Although conceived, designed and made in India, Zoya is not afraid to break away from the past to create refreshing new forms. Reworking techniques and materials from the classical tradition of Indian jewellery and reinterpreting them in the context of contemporary aesthetics, Zoya draws upon the skills of hundreds of artist-craftsmen working in ateliers across India.Bringing together the vision of the designer with the virtuosity of the artisan, each limited-edition piece of wearable art forges metal, precious jewels and intricate techniques with painstaking attention to detail and finish.

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