That thing you do, smiling to yourself, nothing prepares us for that. There is a nebulous to you, making you somehow more alive than everyone else. A joy as palpable as finding a secret salsa club behind a disguised door, the smell of hot-off-the-press personalized stationery, a cocktail in a far away bar named after you.

In your own nonchalant way, you’re the spirit of the age. Every word you craft is a lyric, every lyric is a love song in which you embrace your rare, precious, untethered soul. Whatever you do, wherever you go, don’t let the music stop.

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As she loses herself in a moment of celebration, she twirls around to her favourite tune, she remembers an amusing anecdote, she feels a sense of explosive joy. My Song is a specially curated collection of jewellery to commemorate her triumphant moments and occasions while also encouraging women to feel comfortable in their own skin and celebrate themselves whenever possible.