6299 Hollywood Blvd

A glorious throwback to decades of her riveting charm and unabashed ascent beyond everything that she has outgrown. She outshines the limelight, basking in her own glow. Blending in was never in fashion. She was always meant to stand out.

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6299 HOLLYWOOD BLVDThe Roaring 20s

With flapper girls in their cloche hats and Anita page’s iconic braided look, Twenties were an era like no other. Created as an ode to their panache, 6299 Hollywood Boulevard collection by Zoya, A Tata Product.

The Fabulous 50s

The rouge lipstick and cinched waistlines of the leading ladies of the Fabulous Fifties has been imprinted into diamonds and other precious stones in 6299 Hollywood Boulevard Collection, by Zoya, A Tata Product.

The Alluring 2000s

An ode to the charms and influence of the golden girls of Hollywood. Find your own star-studded statement piece here.