She loves the million hues that please her eyes, the subtle aromas that call to her soul and the myriad forms that tantalize. She is an artist in pursuit of the sublime. Rhapsodie is ZOYA’s ode to her love and her passion, her fire and her creativity. It is an alchemy of elegance and intrigue, wrapped up in an irresistible collection.

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The artistic drizzling on top of food usually done with melted chocolate, honey or other syrups, dripping is a gourmet technique that adds a golden caramel look to a simple dish.

Wrap And Roll

Wrapping and rolling is one of the finest techniques of balancing flavours in the art of gourmet. Creating textures in tarts, layered pancakes and crepes, it elevates the food with a level of depth.

Gathering and Layering

Thin layers of pastry, stacking of crepes, bunches of raspberries, the technique of gathering and layering involves combining everything together in a dish in an intricate and delicate manner.