Whispers From The Valley

There’s a dance in the fall of the chinar leaf, adorned with dew like drops of pearl.The frozen pines sing ballads, glistening like diamonds caught in rays. A blush of rubies envelops her senses as the tulips declare spring. As she walks through this valley surrendering to its beauty, with every turn the seasons murmur sweet nothings of bygones and a paradise that still remains.

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The chinar leaf, it dances.

It dances to the rhythm of the wind,
it sways to the nip in the air,
It falls as you fall for it, and dew
drops adorn the fallen.

These pieces are crafted to sing of the beauty of Kashmir in autumn


Alive again with this bloom,

a palette of hues unseen.

Fruits of the forbidden tree,

the tulips that line pine valleys,

make the season blush with spring.

These pieces are crafted to celebrate the beauty of Kashmir in spring.


The winter here it captures you.

Pines frozen like they’re caught in time.

You sing, you sway to this pristine beauty,

As they gleam like diamonds,

that catch the warm ways.

These pieces are crafted to capture the eternal beauty of Kashmir in winter