Her facets untold, she unfolds
as she weaves the unique tale of her being.
Her strength and determination, her joy and levity.
Her every aspiration. Her each revery,
forming one resplendent tapestry.
A coming alive of all of her, as she is.
A revelation, a celebration, of her becoming.

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Enchanting Brilliance

Enchanting Brilliance

An enchanting brilliance lit up her spirit, as she dreamt of a beautiful tapestry inspired by the journey of her life. Each thread handpicked, a metaphor for her dreams and desires, colored with the essence of her soul.

Determined Elegance

Determined Elegance

With unwavering determination, each pull of the shuttle symbolized the perseverance needed to create a seamless and resilient tapestry as strong as her spirit.

Joyous Luminescence

Joyous Luminescence

In the final stages, a sense of joy, swept through the weaver, echoing the freedom found in the interwoven patterns, breaking barriers of the ordinary, revealing a magnificent creation.

When Brilliant Geometry, Meets Inspired Artistry

At Zoya’s ateliers, we passionately blend native storytelling with global allure, reimagining Ikat art with brilliant diamonds, transcending them into a luminous tapestry celebrating ‘Her Becoming.’


With five masterfully sculpted facets tapering to an apex, the Cadillac cut is truly distinctive in its form. A confluence of avant-garde design and generational craft it is a marvel to behold.

Elongated Hexagon

Harmonising depth and brilliance in an enchanting dance of light, the elongated hexagon diamond evokes a mesmerizing ‘Hall of Mirrors’ illusion with its step-cut facets.


Inspired by the enigmatic smile of Marquise de Pompadour, muse to King Louis XV, the Marquis cut tapers gracefully to delicate points and blends elegance and artistry seamlessly.


Sharp angles meet sinuous curves as radiance flows with the grace of a trapeze in the trapezoid cut diamond. As alluring as it is rare, it heightens the charm of any design.

Tapered Baguette

The Art Deco era comes alive in the step-cut facets and lustre of a Baguette cut diamond. The coming together of vintage charm and contemporary finesse it emanates brilliance.

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