That thing you do, smiling to yourself, nothing prepares us for that. There is a nebulous energy to you, making you somehow more alive than everyone else. A joy as palpable as finding a secret salsa club behind a disguised door, the smell of hot-off-the-press personalized stationery, a cocktail in a far away bar named after you. In your own nonchalant way, you’re the spirit of the age. Every word you craft is a lyric, every lyric is a love song in which you embrace your rare, precious, untethered soul. Whatever you do, wherever you go, don’t let the music stop.

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Applaud Your Inner Artist

In an imaginative rendition of the winding coils of an instrument that hypnotises the onlooker – this necklace stands apart. Embedded with interchanging verses of black and clear diamonds, they create a sense of faltering fluidity.

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An Unapologetic Laugh

There’s music in the way a giggle shatters silence, a lot like how the yellow sapphire breaks the monotony of the diamond studded motifs only to make it more striking.

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An Adrift Serenade

Translating melodies hidden in a conch forgotten on the white sands of a distant paradise, is this neckpiece. Legacies of a world unventured, floats through rare South Sea pearls flanking royal baguette diamonds on a backdrop of white enamel detailing.

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Tanzanie Matrix Ring

This bold cuff, with its startling geometric pattern, embellishes your delicate wrist with its ‘I dare you’ contrast of black and white diamonds.

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