Pezzo D’Arte

And so here she is. Wandering down labyrinthine canals, losing herself in exquisite ruins and achingly beautiful settings. Unscripted sojourns where she embraces pieces of wearable art uncannily seeped in the marvels around her. Unsure if she is enchanted or the enchantress, she embraces the artistry, the passion and in doing so makes it all her own.

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PEZZO D’ARTEThe Colosseum

Easily the first monument in Italy that comes to mind. The sheer scale of this amphitheatre is awe-inspiring; the architecture- gracefully enormous. Drawing inspiration from every sun-beaten arch and the countless spectacular views the Colosseum offers, our artisans pay tribute to the magnificence of this landmark – with each piece bringing to life the spectacle that was once the very heart of Rome.

Florence Baptistery

When Roman soldiers founded Florence around 60 B.C., its original name was Florentina, meaning ‘May she flourish’. And flourish she does. Home to the baptistery of San Giovanni, one of the city’s oldest monuments, the city still has a past cloaked in myth. In an effort to unveil this past, and inspired by the baptistery’s iconic octagonal architecture and gilded doors, our artisans have crafted an exemplary tribute in gold, diamonds, and precious stones.


The Pantheon is one of the most well preserved monuments of the world. What makes this monument fascinating is the visual splendour caused by a beam of light entering from the top of the dome. Its cavernous space, its interplay of light and darkness, the grandeur of the dome and the magnificence of its pediment speak of something so much older and deeper. It is this light and form that Zoya kindles in its new collection - where every piece speaks of tales of the past in an elegant interpretation of the Pantheon.