My First Zoya
My First Zoya
Inspired by truth from the soul and whispered tales of history, her incredible journey represents something larger than life. Every constellation of scars and every whirlwind of desire carry her indelible mark, as every chisel through this mesmerising kaleidoscope of possibilities progressively unfurls the essence of her existence. She is calm and she is inspired. She can no longer mistake it - she is alive.
She is bold, she is fearless and she cannot be stopped. She may be challenged and she may be tested - but she is limitless. She is ready to unleash her innate desire to nurture; she wants to be heard. A feeling of invincibility takes over; she breaks the mould and yet remains spellbindingly undaunted and unchanged.
This is her story. And it is only hers to tell. But she is every woman - flawed and beautiful, powerful and submissive, unpredictable and compassionate as she celebrates this journey of self-exploration. Her vision is now perfectly complemented by her achievements.
Her journey reaches a climax in an exhilarating moment. The ideas she seeded have metamorphosed and reached soaring heights. Perpetually flourishing and thriving in anything she sets her mind to, her success radiates fearlessness and courage.
A moment of reflection in the present has allowed her to take a step back and reconnect with herself. She comes to realise the importance of these simpler, gentler traits too; she is alive to the powerful journey. She realises how lucky she is and how grateful she is for this life.
She now sees that her talisman has been in the mirror along; ubiquitously by her side and in front of her eyes. She is one with her spirit and knows that this connection is hers, and hers alone. Every marker strengthens and celebrates her elemental feminine. She identifies and represents her life through stills of these precious moments. She is at peace with herself.